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Fat content: 50%
Weight: 8-9 kg.
Packaging: film
Shelf life: 210 days
Quantity in package: 1 - 2 wheels
Number of boxes on a pallet: 48 - 42 pcs.


Product code: None
"Tilziter" cheese is a creamy cheese with the aroma of cream. Its fat content is 50%, it is a semi-hard cheese, a representative of the European collection of cheeses. It has a pleasant creamy, slightly salty and mild savory flavor, the distinctive feature is its delicate natural cheesy taste and the aroma of cream. The dense and elastic curb of "Tilziter" cheese is pale-yellow, the cheese has irregular small eyes. Its ripening period is 25 days.
     This multipurpose cheese can be used for cooking any menu, it goes well with rye bread, salads, pies and sandwiches, it can be added to pizza, sauces or baked vegetables. "Tilziter" cheese is great for cooking cream soups, pancakes and hash browns, moreover it can be used as sprinkles for spaghetti and potato. Dark beer, fragrant white and red tart dry wines blend well with the cheese.
     The cheese block is about 10 kilograms.
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