Cheese "KARDINAL" 50% with a walnut flavor
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Fat content: 50%
Weight: 8-9 kg.
Packaging: film
Shelf life: 210 days
Quantity in package: 1 - 2 wheels
Number of boxes on a pallet: 48 - 42 pcs.

Cheese "KARDINAL" 50% with a walnut flavor

Product code: 526
Semi-hard cheese "Kardinal" 50%  is a natural rennet cheese. The choice quality starter combinations allow to get a mature cheese with a great cheesy flavor. Its excellent cheesy flavor, vibrant taste and walnut aroma are the distinctive features of this sort of the cheese. The texture of the cheese is tender and its fracture behavior is plastic, the color of curd is pale-yellow, and its slices have a rich pattern of irregular angular and slot-like eyes. 
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