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Fat content: 3%
Weight: -
Packaging: Пленка многослойная, под вакуумом
Shelf life: 25 days
Quantity in package: вес.
Number of boxes on a pallet: 50 pcs.


Product code: 272
"Domashniy" 3% curd tastes like a home-made one, it has a specific sourness due to the specially selected unique starter cultures. The curd contains: phosphorus and calcium, which are of great importance for the blood clotting ability, hair growth, and for bones health. Curd is rich in protein and fat. There are not so many products which optimally combine protein and fats. Curd is very good for your brain: the methionine of the curd protein helps to fight sclerosis. Due to its low fat content, this curd is ideal for diets or fasting days. If you include this curd in your diet, your body will get such necessary groups of vitamins as A, B, and C, and the rare ones, E and K.
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