CURD "Udachny Vybor" 6%, CYLINDER
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Fat content: 6%
Weight: -
Packaging: Пленка многослойная, под вакуумом
Shelf life: 35 days
Quantity in package: -
Number of boxes on a pallet: 50 pcs.

CURD "Udachny Vybor" 6%, CYLINDER

Product code: 256
"Udachny Vybor" 6% curd has a special home-made taste with a specific sourness, due to its specially selected and unique starter cultures. The minerals that this curd contains, contribute to the formation and strengthening of bone tissue. The amino acids contained in the curd, contribute to the hepatic disorders' prevention. Vitamin B protects against atherosclerosis. The curd can be a part of many slimming diets and fasting days.
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