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Fat content: 50%
Weight: 200-300 g.
Packaging: Polymer Film, in Gaseous Environment
Shelf life: 210 days
Quantity in package: 16 pcs.
Number of boxes on a pallet: 210 pcs.


Product code: 732

Semi-hard cheese "Smetankovy" 50% is a natural cheese with an excellent moderately pronounced cheesy flavor and creamy notes in the aroma, it is pleasantly light sour and mild. The texture of the cheese is tender, the fracture behavior is plastic, it literally will melt in your mouth; and the curd color is pale-yellow. Thin multilayer polyolefin film significantly extends the shelf life of the cheese slices. The reliable protection against odors and smells from the outside ensures the preservation of the taste. There is a special gaseous environment inside such packaging. Due to the absence of oxygen, the product does not spoil as quickly as when it is packed with conventional stretch film, and at the same time the cheese can breathe, unlike when it is packed with vacuum packaging.

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