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Fat content: 60%
Weight: 100 g.
Packaging: Полимерный стакан
Shelf life: 120 days
Quantity in package: 12 pcs.
Number of boxes on a pallet: 80 pcs.


Product code: 81
"Yantarny" spreadable processed cheese with 60% of fat in dry matter. "Yantarny" cheese has collected all the best that was invented and created by cheese-makers. Due to its delicate texture, it can be easily spread on bread and serves as an excellent addition to sandwiches. You can cook soups and second courses with this processed cheese. You can add it to salads, sauces, pastes, casseroles and pizza. This cheese belongs to the group of spreadable processed cheeses, it has delicate, plastic, pasty texture and a pronounced cheesy taste.
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