Yogurt "BRINKO" with "Raspberry" flavor 1.5%
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Fat content: 1,5%
Weight: 450 g.
Packaging: Polymer Bag
Shelf life: 20 days
Quantity in package: 10 pcs.
Number of boxes on a pallet: 100 pcs.

Yogurt "BRINKO" with "Raspberry" flavor 1.5%

Product code: 228

Yogurt "Brinko", raspberry flavor. "Brinko" dairy-based fruit drinkable yogurt with raspberry flavor 1.5% Yoghurt is a popular and healthy natural lactic acid product, especially it is good for active people and children. It is rich in protein, vitamins and essential minerals. Everybody loves it for its bright taste. This product contains healing living microorganisms of the starter, which are good for digestion, regulate metabolic body functions, and increase body resistance to various infections.

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