Yogurt "KREPYSH-AM" with "Cherry" flavor 1.5%
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Fat content: 1,5%
Weight: 150 г.
Packaging: Polymer Cup
Shelf life: 20 days
Quantity in package: 8/15 pcs.
Number of boxes on a pallet: 90 pcs.

Yogurt "KREPYSH-AM" with "Cherry" flavor 1.5%

Product code: 243

Yogurt "Krepysh-Am" with Cherry flavor. This live-culture yogurt is produced from special starter cultures without any artificial colors and flavors. The product is nutritious and healthy; it has a delicate vanilla flavor. Made from the freshest selected milk, it contains vitamins A and B and helps strengthen children's immune system. Children of any age will surely like this delicious treat! The excellent taste of "Krepysh-Am" yogurt makes it a great food product not only for preschool and junior school children, but also for adults. You will not have to persuade your child to eat another spoon of it!

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