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Unique Production facilities

Unique Production facilities

We believe that it is impossible to create a high-quality and healthy product without using high-quality raw materials. For more than 10 years, our Company has been paying special attention to this issue, cooperating fruitfully with the farms in its raw material zone and providing them with financial and advisory assistance. 

The main directions of the Company's development are as follows: 

- focused efforts to strengthen the economic and raw material base for further supply increase; 

- efficiency increase of the raw material use through advanced technologies; 

- expansion of the range of: whole-milk products, semi-hard and processed cheeses, including by renewing technological equipment; 

- increase of export in order to expand the markets and sales territories; 

- improving the competitiveness of products in foreign and domestic markets. 

Using new technologies, well-chosen ingredients and starter cultures, nowadays Kobrin Butter and Cheese Making Factory JSC can successfully compete in the international market and provide products with consistently high-quality standards and price affordability in accordance with our consumer expectations. 

These statements can be confirmed by numerous high awards that have been received at not only republican but also international exhibitions, and positive feedbacks from our consumers. 

Today, Kobrin Butter and Cheese Making Factory JSC is a modern enterprise with its own traditions, high production standards, modern automated equipment, and highly qualified personnel.  

Cheese-Making Department  

Cheese-making remains the main direction of the production activity of the Company.  As you know, in order to maintain leader position, you should confirm your competence continuously and at the same time be an innovator. The Kobrin Cheeses products are well-proven, and all our product innovations have always been favorably received by the consumers. Among the new products of the last year there are: "Maasdam" cheese – a semi-hard natural ripened cheese with large spherical eyes, and "Mont Blanc" cheese – a ripened natural rennet cheese. Latex coating packaging and sulfite labeling is one of the distinctive features of this cheese. Currently, the technology and commercial production of hard long-ripened cheeses has been developed and mastered: "Parmskiy Gold" cheese (180 days), "Grand" cheese (120 days), "DeLuxe" cheese (90 days), "Diamond" cheese (12 months), "ParmiGrana" cheese with Young (90 days) and Оld (120 days) ripening periods.  The cheeses are characterized by its rich cheesy spicy and sweetish flavor and firm, slightly crumbly texture.  The cheeses are covered with polyacetate coating. 

As far as Kobrin Cheeses products are highly appreciated by the international and domestic markets, the Company occupies a leading position among the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.  More than 90% of the cheeses are exported. 

Butter-Making Department  

It was butter, curd and sour cream producing when the Company started its work in the distant 1939. Nowadays, the Department has changed its appearance, expanded the product range, and increased the capacity. Among the recent measures for improving the product quality assumed by the Department, we can't but mention the reconstruction of the curd area and the installation of a new system for producing and vacuum packaging of curds and soft cheeses. The curds produced with this system and in accordance with the traditional technology has especially delicate flavor and texture. The production of soft cheeses and curds is performed in a closed process, the equipment is characterized by high automation level and minimal contact of the products with the external environment. It improves the quality and safety of products, increases its shelf life and improves its exterior. 

The modern vacuum packaging and high quality of curds and soft cheeses increased the competitiveness of the products, which are highly appreciated by the buyers not only of the Republic of Belarus and Russia. 

Besides the standard for any dairy product factory milk, kefir and butter produced, a wide range of products is produced in the Department. "Brinko" yogurts will delight not only children, but also adults. The new "Krepysh-Am" yogurts with a soft, delicate vanilla or cherry flavor are made by a special "baby" fermentation.  

Department for Skimmed Milk Powder and Ice-Cream Production

To ensure the comprehensive milk processing, in November 1989, a Department for Skimmed Milk Powder Production was put into service. German and Czech equipment was installed in the Department. 

But the further modernization of the Department practically has never been stopped, the product range has expanded, the production volumes have increased, and new technologies and equipment have been introduced. Today, in the Department, besides the powder products (demineralized whey powder, whole milk and skimmed milk replacers), a wide range of different products is produced, namely: ice-cream, processed cheeses, mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces, mustard, and desserts. 

 In recent years, the following equipment has been installed in the Department: 
- a packaging and dispensing machine which allows to produce processed cheeses, desserts, puddings in European-shaped cups. The machine is equipped with a kit for bactericidal processing of cups; 
- an automatic 2-circuit CIP washing station for sanitizing the equipment in automatic mode; 

- the existing nano-filtration system for thickening milk whey has been modernized in order to increase the capacity up to 25,000 t/h. This system ensures the concentration of whey and its partial demineralization, which has made it possible to improve the quality of whey powder, and is energy-conserving. 

- the reconstruction of the heat-treated product production site has been made. All these measures have improved the quality and safety of the products. 

We keep constantly monitoring the global dairy industry trends, and relying on the international practice and personal experience, we modernize our equipment, introduce effective management systems, work in improving the skills of our personnel and always strive to create a high-quality and popular product that our customers will highly appreciate!