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Why should you choose us?

Why should you choose us?

Kobrin Butter and Cheese Making Factory JSC is one of the largest enterprises of the dairy industry in the Republic of Belarus. Our achievements and successes is a consistent pattern which is based on the following features of our Company:

1. Our team. We are proud to say, that we have gathered the best experts of the dairy industry in our country under the roof of our Company. The high level of professionalism, dedication and love for the lifetime project, high personal responsibility and discipline have united us together in one big family, each member of which renders the particles themselves on a daily basis to create some of the best dairy products.

2. High-tech equipment. Today, it is hard to imagine the release of high-quality dairy products without the use of high-tech equipment. Each and every year we improve our processes, upgrade the equipment, and cooperate with the world leaders of mechanical engineering market for the dairy industry.
3. Own technologies. We face the future with confidence as we have more than 80 years of experience at our backs. For all these years, we have comprehensively improved ourselves, and today, preserving our unique traditions, we invariably work on creating new unique recipes, healthy dairy products that appear on the tables of millions of families every day.

3. Quality. We always give priority to the quality issues at all stages of the production process and sales. We work only with approved vendors, use exclusively high-quality raw materials, implement and use the best production and storage technologies. We provide services for our clients quickly and effectively and deliver the products to the final consumer as soon as possible.

4. Product portfolio policy. Today, we produce more than 150 items of dairy products. For us, such a product range is not the limit and we are constantly working to expand the Company's product portfolio. Follow our news and you will be among the first to know about our new products.

5. Social responsibility and openness. Kobrin Butter and Cheese Making Factory is a town-forming enterprise that is scrupulous about the production process, job creation, town budget replenishment and social sphere development.

The whole team of Kobrin Butter and Cheese Making Factory JSC is proudly contributing to the development of the country's dairy industry and promoting the honor of the Republic of Belarus on the world stage.